is inside you​​​

Balance your mind and body
to free your self


Experience of Bliss

White Swan Lifestyle is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines.
Relax & enjoy a personalized  yoga experience, meditation, a delicious vegetarian meal or just come to sip a cup of tea with us in our comfortable sanctuary.

Balance Body & Mind

Golden Goddess

Unleash the Diva that is within all of us.  Seminars and training on what it means to be a true Goddess in this age
The deeper the balance the greater the strength.  More power to you

Meatless Mondays 

Guided Meditation 

Fresh, crisp, scrumptious.  Try one of our vegetarian cooking workshops or create your own group
Discover a dramatic reduction in stress and a growing sense of tranquility

Life Coach

Health Coach

Food, Exercise, Environment, Work place.  Findthe right Health Buttons to optimize your Lifestyle
Relationships, Careers, Mind fluctuations, Dissatisfactions.  Let Ayurveda guide you toward a fuller, purposeful and joyful life
Center your body and mind.
Stretch the possibilities.

Write us for a consultation – it may be the best gift you gave yourself.

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