Meatless Mondays  at your place

A global movement comes to town

Study Shows 43 Million Americans Are Choosing Plant-Based Protein and 86% of These People Aren’t Even Vegan!

​A recent study showed that, in just five years, the “Meatless Mondays” program across a number of school districts has reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving 1.4 billion miles! 

No place is too small

Whether you have a small  space or large, all we need is a sink with clean drinking water, few power outlets and a couple of tables to have a wonderful cooking demo.

We bring the utensils, ingredients, grains, spices, fresh vegetables, serving ware - all of it!

Enrollees are encouraged to participate in the hands-on demo that includes chopping, grating, peeling, cooking and most importantly, cleaning up together.

At the end of the demo, they get to enjoy a nutritious meal which comes as a delightful surprise to them!

Libraries, Corporate Events, community schools, fundraisers, firehouses, private homes - we are happy to go wherever you invite us! 

Event can be tailored to your needs and requirements. 
Pricing is also flexible and reasonable.

Set up an event today and be a part of a global phenomena.


We begin with a short presentation on  What is meatless monday?  What are some eye-popping sustainable statistics generated by this?

What do we do at White Swan?  What is our passion behind this movement?  

How can you participate and spread the green goodness?


Touch  and feel the super grains.  Smell the aromatic spices.  Taste the fragrant herbs.

Some of these wonderful ingredients will become a staple in our kitchens when we learn how to use them in the proper way - and fear of the "spicy" will dissipate.


Cut, peel, grate, saute..... participants are encouraged to get hands-on.  

Menu varies from Italian to Mexican, from Thai to Mediterraen.  Hearty burgers, yummy stew.
The most endearing group therapy is the washing, cleaning and putting away.  It cements the community bond.


Participants were delighted that  we thanked Mother Nature for her bounty after we finished cooking.

In the most generous spirit, folks first served the other participants  before serving themselves and digging into wondrously aromatic and nutritious food.

Meatless Monday Cooking Demos are available through the year.
Contact us to create your own Program. 

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