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The power is within us - the will to succeed, the path to achievements and the goal of happiness

Stuck in a dead-end job? Struggling with with education and income? Bound in a negative relationship?  Craving, seeking, looking for happiness?
Let our White Swan Life Coach guide you so you may discover yourself -  through ancient wisdom which is older than Yoda but most relevant for todays modern day living. 

Consultations can be online, via skype, phone or in-person.
Suggested 3-sessions, first one for 60-minutes and the remaining 2 for 45 minutes.

We will discuss current situation,  current issue, run a quick questionnaire on your constitution and then review various paths of releasing the maze, including eating/sleeping/moving habits.

First 15-minute introductory call is free
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Stuck on the crossroads?  Not sure which way to head? 
All directions seem futile and wasted? 
Contact us today - we'll find the pathway to get you across

Life Coach session is exciting, revealing and transforming.
For men and women, young and mature, in all colors and phases of life – it’s time to find the White Swan that lives deep within us!

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"Life Coach" sessions are also available for groups, where a happy lifestyle pathway can be presented.
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Lady L : Case Study

In her mid-forties, a well respected, senior manager at work, Lady L had a problem at every team meeting held Monday Mornings at 10 am
Somehow, she invariably had a sparring match with another senior team member, who she found unreasonably irritating at these meetings.  She used harsh, cutting words, snapped at the other members and came out of the meetings feeling like a worm, instead of feeling victorious  
"Why did I do that?", - being an ardent yoga student, she would meditate on her behaviour, but couldn't seem to resolve it, blaming it on her hormones and oncoming menopause.

After attending the "Finding Myself" class, we helped her identify her dosha, which was strongly Pitta.  The timing of the meeting was 10 am, which is the onset of Pitta hours, and she always carried a huge mug of green tea with ginger to these meetings.  The caffeine in green tea plus the heat produced by ginger aggravated pitta.

Putting all the pieces together, she discovered for herself what a lethal combination she was carrying into the 10 am meeting room.
She could not change her pitta constitution, nor could she change the pitta meeting time of 10 am, BUT - she could balance and optimize her pitta dosha.

So instead of carrying a huge mug of green tea with ginger, she carried a huge mug of CCF (Cumin Coriander Fennel) tea.
She went ten minutes earlier to the meeting room, found a quieter chair, slipped off her shoes, closed her eyes and did three minutes of deep breathing and cooling breath.

And then she was ready!
Now instead of coming out feeling like a worm, she carries a dignified silence and assurance of knowledge.