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What to eat without meat?
With all the media cry over meat production, merciless treatment of animals, etc., the Meatless wave is surging.  But what to eat without meat?

In 2018, plant-based foods will become the new organic.
That's according to restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in New York, who named "plant-based" the food trend of 2018.
Between 2012 and 2016, another market research group, Mintel, said they've seen a 25 percent increase in vegetarian claims and a 257 percent rise in vegan claims in new grocery store products.
The group also says that 31 percent of Americans practice meat-free days.

"Meatless Monday"  - good for you and good for the planet
This October, fifteen schools in NYC adopted the Meatless Monday menu.
In September, Meatless Monday Pittsburgh hosted the first ever Vegan Night with the Pittsburgh Pirates!  Over 300 tickets sold!

​Supported in over 40 countries, Meatless Monday actively promotes the health and global benefits of reducing meat consumption. By eating less meat, you lower the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

​​​​Nutritious, nourishing and delicious
Foods cooked freshly, with local ingredients and tempered with herbs and spices, nourish the body, calm the mind and curb cravings.  In Ayurveda, food is considered the panacea of life.  What we eat is as important as how and when we eat.  And this concept of food, thoughtfully prepared, can prevent diseases.​​

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Markus S : Case Study

As a sought-after product manager in his category, Markus, in his mid-thirties, was invited to many industry functions as well as weekly dinners with his customers and colleagues. With his outgoing personality and no attachments, Markus thought he was having the greatest time of his life.

But every Friday morning, after his Thursday dinner out at exclusive restaurants, something just did not feel right in his belly.  Either he belched too much, had a sour aftertaste, drank too much coffee to cover it up, or felt a rumbling in his stomach. He thought to eat the best cut of meats and exotic seafood at exclusive restaurants had nothing to do with his digestive fire.

Then one day he saw the movie called "What the Health" because his female colleague, who was also a good friend, asked him to.

Now Markus was a smart young man - popular, making lots of money, being treated to expensive dinners. And he was smart enough to suspect the rumblings in his belly could be the meat. As an experiment, he ate a vegan meal on Thursday night. He felt amazing the next morning.  Not a single belch, no need to drink coffee, no rumblings.

So he attended one of our Ayurveda classes and then enrolled for a Meatless Monday cooking class.
Now he cooks a vegetarian meal at home three times a week - and game nights at his pad are wildly popular because he makes an irresistible guacamole, killer vegan chili and sometimes a coconut-milk rice pudding which the guys take home to their girls.