Simple lifestyle changes make dramatic differences

Simple Lifestyle changes can help

Insomnia, for instance, can be gently prevented with oil massage to the head and feet in the night, some aromatherapy, and a few bedside preparations. Anxiety can be relieved with relaxation and breathing techniques, while heartburn can be reduced with a nutritious diet. These are not just symptom relievers but wellness adjustments that will bring a positive change to all other aspects of your life – they will allow you to blossom and glow, and allow you to embrace life in all its beauty and nuances.

Insomnia, allergies, hearburn, fatigue... Are these ok to live with? ​​

Insomnia, allergies, migraines, heartburn, anxiety – these are just a handful of symptoms that, in today’s age, are “ok” to have. They are so common that it’s acceptable to discuss them at the water cooler in offices.

And they are considered mild enough to pop over-the-counter pills to make them go away. But Ayurveda considers these symptoms a sign of ailment, a foretelling of future developing problems. And on the same token, Ayurveda has simple lifestyle adjustments to rid of these symptoms.

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